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Sera. Prefer to read manga, coding, and doing graphic in photoshop over boys. Have an obsession towards oppa but would never be notice over the million fans. Blog is dedicated to myself so I can pour my editing skill here. Do note that I do request and just fill in the link bellow provided.

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phone wallpaper request?
Thursday, March 24, 2016 5:10 AM

as i was playing with photoshop, trying to do wallpaper for my sister, i thought maybe i could do a request?

idk i just love experimenting and this is one of the thing that would make me experiment, by helping out people who needed nice wallpaper.

on the other hand, i dont't know if this will ever work actually. lol.

but anyway, if you happen to come across this blog and wanted to do a request, always send me an ask ok? i'm willing to help.

just make sure to follow few rules as we do agreement, lol.

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